Engage. Inform. Connect. Act.

Right now, vitally important conversations about education policy are taking place across the country. Communities for Teaching Excellence is striving to reduce the barriers to entry in those conversations for families in under-served communities.

We see community engagement as a pathway to increased personal and civic agency for low-income and minority parents and other stakeholders who are too often left out of a process that profoundly affects them and their children.

Our goal is for every student, parent, and family to have an equal opportunity to influence public policy. Our strategy for building active, community-driven coalitions is simple but powerful:

Engage. Meet people. Get to know their families. Partner with community leaders and behind-the-scenes influencers. Find out what each community needs and how we can help.

Inform. Provide community members with research, organizing tools and other crucial knowledge that will empower them as advocates for change.

Connect. Form ties within each community. And build bridges from one community to the next.

Act. Support community efforts to address local policies. And, when necessary, lead the way. Take thoughtful and bold steps to implement reforms that put children first.

To become a voice for change in your community, contact us.