Communities for Teaching Excellence is committed to closing the achievement gap for thousands of low-income students and minority students who have historically been denied a quality education. Because we know that access to an effective teacher can literally make or break a student’s chances for success, we work to ensure effective teaching for every student, in every classroom, every year.  We work with parents, teachers, students and other community stakeholders to advocate for improving teaching effectiveness and to ensure all students, but in particular, low-income students and students of color have access to effective teachers.

We are raising the voices of the ultimate beneficiaries of public education – parents and students – by partnering with organizations that inform, engage, and empower parents and students in reform efforts. We believe that all community stakeholders must be meaningfully involved in the deliberations in order for policies to be fully informed and sustained.

Communities for Teaching Excellence shares a commitment with our local partners, school districts, and labor leaders to providing teachers with the information and support they need to help all students succeed.